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On the anniversary of the disappearance of Serqiwa … the parallel interior ignores revealing its fate and Bashagha launches a process to search for the forcibly absent.

After the February 17 revolution, the Libyan citizens looked forward to a better future and a civilian life in a state of law and institutions, but there are those who try to impose their own policies to frustrate or dampen what the Libyans aspired to.

In the western region, these manifestations began to fade, while in the eastern region led by armed militias in the form of an outlawed government that condones these incidents of killing and enforced disappearance, it is perhaps the most prominent example of this, the case of Representative Siham Serqiwa, which today marks the first anniversary of her kidnapping from her home.

Serqiwa, whose house was raided by the militia 106 militia led by Khaled Haftar along with the owners of blood “Awliya Al-Dam” Battalion , attacked her husband by beating him after her appearance on the “Libya Al-Hadath” channel and she called on Haftar’s to end aggression on Tripoli in order to stop the bloodshed of the Libyans.

Forced disappearance

Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha launched a major security campaign to uncover the fate of those who were forcibly disappeared, and to identify the persons and entities involved in those incidents, calling on everyone who has a family member who has been forcibly disappeared to go to the nearest police station to report the incident or address him personally through his office so that the security authorities can initiate investigation procedures.

Bashagha affirmed, in a statement, that unlawful practices against citizens that relate to kidnapping and imprisoning a person and restricting his freedom from any party – are among the crimes that are punishable by law and the perpetrators are subject to the most severe punishment.

Haftar is a red line

On the other hand, the parallel Minister of Interior Ibrahim Abu Shanaf disclaimed the responsibility of the Haftar militia for the kidnapping of Serqiwa, claiming that the perpetrators are a terrorist or an infiltrator group and that the writings on the walls of her house , condemning the militia of Haftar are not of their doing.

Haftar’s son

Eyewitnesses confirmed to Human Rights Watch that those who carried out this crime were armed by Khaled the son of Khalifa Haftar the Brigade known as “106,” and that they committed their crime in front of everyone’s eyes, and that the members of the Interior did not move a finger, which was confirmed by Abu Shanaf, who apologized that his members did not have the strength to repel those who attacked the house of Serqiwa.

And after a year has passed since the kidnapping of Deputy Siham Serqiwa from her home – all the security services and civil society organizations in the Eastern Region have not reveal any details about her disappearance.

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