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Oktay: Macron is doing harm to his country by supporting Haftar.

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said that French President Emmanuel Macron is doing harm to his country by trying to prove himself by supporting the coup of Haftar.

Oktay said, in an interview with the Turkish Anadolu News Agency, that Turkey is present in Libya as part of the activities of training the Libyan forces and supporting its legitimate government, explaining that with Turkey entering the Libyan equation, Haftar and his militias were forced to retreat to Sirte and Aljufra.

Oktay added that Haftar withdrew from the negotiating table at the Berlin conference, as well as his failure to respond to the Turkish-Russian initiative for a ceasefire and stabilization of Libya, while the reconciliation government agreed to conclude an agreement with Haftar. However, the latter escaped from the dialogue table, according to the text of the talk.

Oktay explained that Turkey and Libya’s discussions on the Maritime Authority Zones Agreement are not new, as they extend to 10 years and more, adding that the two countries have relations in many areas, including economic and political, as these relations culminated in the agreement to define areas of maritime jurisdiction between the two countries at the end of 2019.

It is worth noting that French President Emmanuel Macron said, last June, that his country does not support Haftar, stressing that they are in favor of finding a permanent political solution to the conflict in Libya.

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