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Oglu: “Irini” is unbalanced because France is sending weapons to Haftar.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavoyşoglu said, the Irini process is unbalanced; Because France is sending weapons to the leader of the failed aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar.

Oglu added, during a joint press conference held with Italian Foreign Minister “Luigi de Mayo”, that France’s participation in the “Irini” operation means that “the operation is not balanced”, unlike Italy, which participates with good intentions, according to the Italian agency “Aki”.

For his part, de Mayo expressed his belief that the IRINI operation should be balanced and should not favor any party, adding that “our aim is to monitor all borders and prevent weapons from reaching Libya.”

It is worth noting that the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Mevlüt Çavoyşoglu”, said, during an interview with “CNN Turk”, that Haftar has no legitimacy in Libya; Therefore, he should not be sitting at the negotiating table.

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