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Officials: The Egyptian initiative is too late, and it is more like a “theatrical comedy”.

After Khalifa Haftar categorically rejected any political initiative since the announcement of his aggression against Tripoli in April 2019, ten days before the Ghadames dialogue , the successive defeats made him announce from Cairo, accompanied by the Egyptian President who is involved in supporting the aggression, his acceptance of a political solution.

The political solution this time was adopted by Egypt, whose President Abdelfattah El-Sisi presented a political initiative that according to him will end the conflict in Libya, and it requires a ceasefire, and the formation of a new presidential council consisting of a president, two deputies, and a separate head of government, in a transitional period of one and a half years.

Comic play

Member of the Supreme Council, Adel Karmous, described what happened in Cairo as a “comic play” that cannot be called an “initiative”; Because any intervention to make a rapprochement or conciliation entails inviting the two parties and trying to bring their views closer.

In a statement to Arraed, Karmous explained that a defeated party dictating his conditions with an Egyptian cover named the initiative carrying the name of of its president in a failed position begging Abdelfattah El-Sisi to fight in Libya on his behalf, and seeks to drag Egypt into a war with Turkey in order to protect the Egyptian national security all this reveals the size of weakness Which Haftar reached.

Karmus indicates that Haftar’s lack of focus while delivering his written speech indicates his feeling and sense of the upcoming defeat that will end his project in Libya.

Political maneuver

First deputy speaker of the parliament, Jalal Al-Shuwaاidi, said that what Sisi announced in the presence of Aqeela and Haftar is a political maneuver, not an initiative, adding that if Haftar sees that the army forces of the legitimate government of Reconciliation are “militias”, what are the militias affiliated with him, which are made up of the Kani militias? And Adel Daab, and others, who were previously classified by militias by him ?!

Al-Shuwaihdi expressed his surprise, in a statement to the Arraed, what was stated in this “maneuver” that stipulated the handing over of the weapons of the victorious army that chased the remnants of the militia of Haftar which fleeing every day from a city , indicating that this maneuver did not bring anything new, and its points are illogical, stressing that we have not seen a state In the world sit and negotiate with ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or other terrorists , so how does Haftar now ask to sit and return to the political process with those he described with these descriptions ?!

Out of circulation

Member of the House of Representatives Rabiaa Abu Ras saw that the Cairo initiative announced by the Egyptian President is currently out of circulation, and no longer meets the aspirations of the Libyans whose blood was shed in the corridors of the countries that support Haftar, and still embrace criminals “Haftar and Aqeela”, and justify their actions.

Abu Ras confirmed, on its official page, that the war criminal Haftar and Aqeela Saleh no longer had a place, and the men said their word in the field, adding that the most important merit now is the imposition of the reconciliation government over the entire Libyan soil through its legitimate security institutions, and ending the specter of internationally and domestically directed weapons , and possession of it within the legitimate institutions which has legalized the right to possess weapons under internationally and locally recognized civil authority.

Abu Ras added that we must now think about restoring the moral and material losses to the cities and regions from which the “war criminal Haftar” made his attack, and used them as stores of mercenaries and weapons, land for mines, and shedding the blood of the Libyans and the destruction of their social fabric and made them between fugitive, wanted and killed.

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