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Observers: Williams communicated with Aqeela after Haftar announced his coup as evidence of the Mission’s rejection of the coup.

After Khalifa Haftar’s demand for a popular authorization to take the reins of power and sit in a power seat that came in response to the initiative of Aqeela Saleh and his call for a political solution by changing the presidential council – the United Nations Support Mission in Libya announced on Twitter that its chief-designate, “Stephanie Williams,” today contacted Aqeelah Saleh the chairman of the Tobruk House of Representatives and welcomed the initiative as part of the mission’s efforts to stop the war and find a political solution to the crisis, according to the statement.

The mission rejects the coup

Journalist Abdullah Al-Kabeer saw that the mission contacted Aqeela because his initiative does not nullify the political agreement but rather seeks to change it, while Haftar, as usual, does not recognize anyone who could be a partner or interlocutor in the political process.

Al Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that this indicates that the UN mission welcomes any political initiative based on dialogue and peaceful change, and refuses to respond to unilateral attempts to overthrow the legitimacy.


The writer Ali Abuzayd says that Williams’ disregard of Haftar is expected, so it is not possible to deal with a person who insists on blowing up every UN and international effort to solve the crisis politically, and he only believes in military coups, bloodshed, arrogance, and his strength comes from mercenaries and criminals.

Abuzayd added, in a statement to Arraed, that Williams’s contact with Aqeela comes within the framework of the mission’s attempt to drag the group of representatives of Aqeela to a political solution, especially that his initiative is not as extremism as the one presented by the criminal Haftar by requesting to delegate and drop the political agreement.

Transferring the conflict to other circles

Member of the House of Representatives Rabiaa Abu Ras read the mission’s contact with Aqilaa Saleh to bless his initiative, as it was transfer of the political conflict outside the circle of the National Accord Movement, which today covers a large part of the various political currents. The cold conflict within the Department of reonciliation is subject to domestication.

Abu Ras added, through her official page, that what we see is an exchange of tools for the conflict between Aqeelah and Haftar, by waving a political initiative and a military coup in the simultaneity fooled everybody, and it is only a trap that a lot will be caught in it,so there is no difference between Trump’s call to Haftar at the begining of the war on Tripoli, and Stephanie’s call – whom I have great respect for – to Aqila Saleh at the end of the war, she said.

The beginning of an international disregard

Political writer Faraj Farkash saw that what Williams had done today is the beginning of an international disregard for Haftar’s imaginary coup, in light of adhering to previous Security Council resolutions that still recognize the political agreement and the bodies that emanate from him, including the House of Representatives that Haftar seeks to cancel and overthrow it.

Farkash expects, in a statement to Arraed, that although the number of deputies in Tobruk is much lower than those in Tripoli and those who are absent from the sessions, Haftar’s move may push them to unite again.

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