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Observers: Trump and Erdogan communications is a green light for the GNA to resolve Sirte and Al-Jafra militarily.

Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdogan and American Donald Trump agreed, in a call between them, to work together to ensure stability in Libya, a call that caused much controversy in light of news coming about the Libyan army’s reinforcements to control Sirte and Aljufra.

Observers stated that this call has dimensions, including that it bears international approval for the military settlement by the GNA to control Sirte, al-Jafra, and the entire Libyan soil, including those who saw it as a transit card to fight the Sirte battle.

Transit card

The writer and political analyst Faraj Dardour saw that US President Donald Trump communication with his Turkish counterpart Rejep Tayyip Erdogan is of great importance, especially that he came before fighting the Sirte battle, and it comes to limit the role of France that supports Haftar, and represents a green light to liberate the oil ports that were closed based on UAE and Russia instructions.

Dardour believed, in a statement to Arraed, that America’s stance is now more clear towards the Libyan file, and it has participated in it more and more effectively, and perhaps Turkey may obtain logistical or technical support from it to fight the Sirte-Al-Jufra battle, , and the entire Libyan soil.

Dardour pointed out that Egypt, which America pays the price of its bread and weapons of its army, cannot stand with Russia against America unless America decides a war against Libya, and it is now clear that it decided the opposite and stood by Turkey.

Pave the way

For his part, political analyst Ahmed Alrawyati said that Trump and Erdogan communication and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov contacting his Turkish counterpart, “Chawishoglu” within 48 hours – focusing on paving the way for the military settlement of Sirte and Al-Jufra, after political and diplomatic efforts to resolve it were disrupted; Because of the conflicting visions and options formulated in the capitals of the countries supporting Haftar.

In his statement to the Arraed, Al-Rawyati clarified that the reality of the military preparations we are witnessing of the GNA on the outskirts of Sirte and “Oglu’s statements about the return of Sirte to the authority of the GNA – confirm the approach of decisiveness, and that the international arrangement and acceptance of this process has been completed, and the issue has become a matter of time only.

Al-Rawyati believes that if Haftar and his associates succumb in these hours and replace the speech of defiance and begging with a discourse of reason, and withdraw from these areas and reopen the oil facilities, then we say “God saves the believers,from the evil of the fighting,” according to his expression.

Great harmony

On the other hand, writer and political analyst Mohammed Ghemim explains that the Americans have been moving with the Turks for a long time in great harmony, especially after the emergence of the Russian role in the crisis, which provoked them because it will prolong the relief of the crisis.

In a statement to Arraed, Ghemim explained that the Turks have great interests with the Russians and have succeeded in creating a point of balance and balance in aligning the Russian and American sides, which is in the interest of the GNA first and the Turks secondly, adding that despite this the Americans remain late in interacting with International files, and this is what the Russians seize in Libya and did not delay in exploiting it until they got to the oil fields.

Ghemim added that the Libyan file has been receiving international attention for some time, expecting that some countries will be scaled at the expense of the expansion of the major countries.this requires the GNA to make a major diplomatic effort in order to achieve the greatest gains for the benefit of the state of Libya and its people, who have made many sacrifices for a decent life and stability in a civil state away from the ambitions of the military and the chaos agendas supported by the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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