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Observers: There are no desired results from the Berlin conference in light of the current international situation.

Following the announcement of the launch of the second edition of the International Conference on Libya, which Germany called for tomorrow, Monday, in the German capital Berlin, in order to accelerate efforts to achieve a ceasefire, and to push for a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis.

Observers believe that this conference will not bring anything new, nor will it lead to new results, given the current international situation, and the competition of major countries, such as Russia, to continue supporting Haftar’s militias and causing the killing of more innocent lives.

Via video circuits

“Arabi 21” revealed that the Berlin conference will be held via video circuits, with the participation of all the countries that attended the first Berlin summit last January and the countries of the region without the participation of the Libyan parties.

Germany’s deputy delegate to the United Nations, Günter Sauter, said that the upcoming conference comes at a sensitive time, amid encouraging recent developments in Libya, hoping that the conference will issue a “strong message” to stop the continuing and flagrant violations of the arms embargo imposed on Libya since 2011.

Ink on paper

Writer and blogger Farag Farkash believes that in light of the conflict and the conflict of interests among the senior members of the Security Council, the recommendations of the Berlin conference will remain ink on paper, like any other in the past.

Farkash explained, in a statement to Arraed, that in light of international reports about the continued strengthening of the Wagner forces and Russia’s rejection of calls for the exit of foreign forces as stated by Russia’s foreign minister, it will be difficult to talk about supporting the political track and imposing a ceasefire.

Farkash pointed out that despite the American-European rapprochement and optimistic statements, it lacks clear and effective mechanisms on the ground that compel the Russian side, as well as Haftar, to take steps backward, to make room for the formation of a new presidential council that unites the country, with its headquarters in the city of Sirte, which is supposed to be demilitarized.

No results

For his part, journalist Mohamed Al-Shokri said that he does not expect that there will be fruitful results in the Berlin conference tomorrow, but rather an introduction to the serious dialogue sponsored by the United Nations to be held in mid-October.

In a statement to Arraed, Al-Shokri added that Berlin is concerned with the understandings of the countries concerned with Libya to stop sending weapons and stopping support for the Libyan parties more than it is about developing solutions to the crisis.

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