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Observers: The Switzerland and Morocco agreements are an important step that needs more steps.

Following the start of meetings and consultations in Switzerland and Morocco regarding preparations for the return of political dialogue aimed at unifying the sovereign institutions in the Libyan state, and working to end all forms of political, security and military division.

Observers see what emerged from these meetings and consultations in both meetings, the beginning of the road to the solution, placing the vehicle on the track and blocking the road for those who abuse the state’s civilization and dreaming of a return to military rule.

We expected it and called it

Writer and blogger Faraj Farkash said that what was issued by Geneva confirmed the recommendations that I had previously expected and called for in light of the current, confused and volatile situation in Libya. Because the country is not ready for elections yet in light of the political, security and military division, and the elections will only lead to another transitional phase in light of the lack of talk about the constitution ..

In a statement to Arraed, Farkash has reservation on the period granted for a transitional period, according to what was issued by the Montreux meeting in Switzerland, which extends for 18 months. Because it will cause a kind of congestion and will give those who are in charge of the affairs a false sense that they have time to accomplish as it was supposed to not exceed the year.

Farkash stated that the Moroccan dialogue is a preliminary dialogue that will open the door to the resumption of the Geneva political track drawn by the Berlin outputs, and will contribute to its success after agreeing on how to choose most of the sovereign positions and on criteria and others to lead to a comprehensive solution.

An important step

The journalist, Ali Abo Zayd, believes that what was issued by the Montreux and Morocco meeting is an important step as a start for the settlement, but this matter must be followed by important steps, the most prominent of which is the establishment of clear and realistic mechanisms for the agreed points,

Abo Zayd added, in a statement to Arraed, that it is also necessary to work to ensure that these efforts are accompanied by a state of international consensus, and to send important messages to reassure the people who are condemned to a state of despair from the political process, in addition to framing this agreement with a clear and binding reference through international procedures to prevent the obstruction or foil what is agreed upon.

A special source from Morocco had assured Arraed that the Libyan dialogue team gathered in Abo-Zniqa, Morocco, had agreed to set up a mechanism to review the sovereign positions according to criteria agreed upon, including the central bank, in addition to that the decision on the sovereign positions will be one package in conjunction with the formation of the Presidential Council The new government and the launch of its work

In the same context, a special source told Arraed from Geneva, who said that the meeting with Switzerland agreed to enter a “preliminary” stage that begins with the restructuring of the Presidency Council into a president, two deputies, and a separate government that ends with elections within a maximum period of 18 months.

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