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Observers: The partial lifting of force majeure is an inappropriate step by the NOC.

The National Oil Corporation’s announcement of the partial lifting of force majeure from the ports and oil fields, with the exception of those in which mercenaries are present, sparked widespread controversy, especially after its refusal to lifting force majeure following the announcement of the agreement of Ahmed Maitiq and Haftar’s son to reopen oil.

While observers see that this step is a concession, and perhaps a contradiction by the Corporation, others believe that this may be a compromise that satisfies all parties, and paves the way for a complete opening of oil production.


Analyst and political writer Abdullah al-Kabeer believes that what the Corporation has done is a compromise solution that does not frustrate the two parties that concluded the agreement, namely Maitiq and Haftar, and at the same time not enabling Russia and the Wagner mercenaries to establish their presence in the Libyan oil sector.

Al-Kabeer pointed out, in a statement to Arraed, that at the same time the National Oil Corporation gets rid of pressure, and does not appear to be obstructing the re-pumping of oil, adding that Haftar’s position is very critical, and the terms of the agreement cannot be implemented,
him remaining in the scene is an American demand, but not at the same level as before he asked for help from Russia.

Bad move

Writer and journalist Ali Abo Zayd believes that what the Corporation did is an uncalculated step, and contradicts its statement, which stipulated that the lifting of force majeure would only be in the presence of security arrangements in which coordination with the Corporation would be made.

Abo Zayd explained in a statement to Arraed that this announcement gives the “narrow interests” agreement some legitimacy of the fait accompli, and reflects the Corporation’s failed policy regarding the Libyan conflict, through its commitment to false neutrality under the slogan of adherence to technical standards and distancing itself from politics, even though oil has become the most important political card in the conflict Libyan.

Concession due to pressure

Writer and blogger Farag Farkash pointed out that the partial lifting of the force majeure is a kind of concession from the National Oil Corporation in exchange for the concession made by Haftar when he decided to open oil under internal pressure, and it seems that the corporation also received some pressure for a partial opening that guarantees the start of production and export.

Farkash added, in a statement to Arraed, that the Haftar-Maitiq agreement, it seems, will not be as announced, and that there are changes that have taken place that made the President of the Corporation announce the partial lifting of the force majeure from some ports and fields, and according to what we received, the financial and oil situation may return as it was, before 4/4 in 2019, while ensuring that salaries come to all regions of Libya under the supervision of the UN mission.

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