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Observers: The GNA must act diplomatically in order to condemn the participating Janjaweed, as the aggression is against Tripoli.

After the UN, through its report for Libya for the year 2019, acknowledged the participation of the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces, “the Janjaweed”, which is affiliated with the current Vice-President of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, “Hamidaty”, along with the militias of Haftar in the aggression on Tripoli

Social media pages and sites have returned to publish new photos of the Janjawid mercenaries in the axes of fighting and accounts mourn their deaths, which confirms their continued participation in the aggression against , ignoring the United Nations and Security Council resolutions calling for a ban on the supply of arms and fighters to the country.

A comprehensive dossier

Journalist and writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that the GNA should begin preparing a comprehensive dossier on the role of the Janjaweed in the war and their number and what information is available about their leaders and submit an official complaint to the Security Council. And inform the League of Arab States and the Arab neighbors of this file.

Al-Kabeer added in a statement to Arraed that the government must now and more than ever before respond with argument and evidence against the Sudanese government which keeps denying the presence of Sudanese forces in Libya.

Official apology

On the other hand, law professor Sami Al-Atrash believes that the Presidential Council must insist on an official apology from the Sudanese authorities because of the Janjaweed participation in the aggression against Tripoli

Al-Atrash added in a statement to the pioneer that the bodies of these mercenaries should not be handed over until after the government of Sudan acknowledged that these are part of its people and that they pledge in exchange for not demanding compensation or any international legal procedure not to repeat such behaviors that violate the Charter of the United Nations and the Arab League and the agreement signed in the past and in the present with the country of Sudan.

Summon the ambassador

Member of Parliament Hanan Shallouf confirmed that the government of reconciliation should summon the Sudanese ambassador and inform him of the situation with the complete evidence regarding the file of the Janjawid mercenaries in the ranks of Haftar.

In a statement to Arraed, Shallouf added that our diplomatic presence in Sudan must be reduced and summoning the Libyan ambassador to consult and provide an ultimatum to the Sudanese foreign ministry to sever ties with it along with the UAE’s foreign ministry also must be submitted also a complaint to the African Union must be submitted against Sudan and imposing a moral and material responsibility on escalating the war in the country and demanding compensation for the damage caused by its elements in Libya.

Shallouf called on the government to file a case with the Security Council in Sudan and hold it responsible, ensuring that the voice of the guns in Africa is silenced, which is what the Security Council hopes and incites in its resolutions.

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