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Observers: The faint role of the Parliament and the Supreme Council of the State in correcting the presidential Council’s course during the aggression.

Since the beginning of the aggression against Tripoli last April, the reactions of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State have varied and also their speedy response to the requirements to repel the aggression,

While the Supreme Council of State decided his stance and announced their rejection of the aggression and his support to the GNA ,the House of Representatives was divided between opponents and supporters of the aggression, and a third section, stayed neutral.

And while the majority of members of the House of Representatives opposed to the aggression have held their sessions in Tripoli since last May, and they are doing their best to support the GNA to counter the attack of the Haftar militias – observers believe that the role of both houses in correcting the GNA’s course and deterring the aggression is still weak, and more efforts need to be done.

General failure

Political analyst Faraj Dardour said that Libya suffers from general failure, political failure, and cultural desertification, and the lack of maturity of its politicians. There is no difference in that between the government, the House of Representatives, and the state, because they follow the same ideas and the same mentality, and as they say, “you can not give something that you do not have”

Dordour added, in a statement to the pioneer, that we should not forget that the scale of the disaster in Libya is greater than the ability of any body to reform, especially after the aggression of Haftar and the closure of oil, so the problem, in my opinion, has increased due to the absence of oil revenues that enhance the ability of any government to achieve.

Almost absent role

For his part, writer and political analyst Ali Abuzayd believes that the role of the House of Representatives and the Supreme State was almost absent in correcting the course of the presidential council and pressuring it to raise the level of its performance, as they have not demanded to put in place mechanisms to fight corruption and achieve a degree of transparency in spending emergency budgets.

Abu Zaid indicated, in a statement to Arraed, that the appointment a minister of defense and frontline support is not a priority for both Councils, and that there is a kind of estrangement between them and the President since the launch of the political dialogue in Geneva, which is scheduled to discuss amending the formation of the Presidential Council, and this indicates the absence of political coordination between The three bodies.

Not up to the challenge

The writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that the performance of the parliament and the state did not reach the level of challenges the country is going through, as they did not exercise their monitoring and evaluation role as stipulated in the terms of the political agreement.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that it is not sufficient for the State Council, as well as the Parliament in Tripoli, to have clear positions on most developments of the aggression against Tripoli through press releases; rather, they should activate their monitoring role on the government in all its decisions and policies.

Absent tools

Political analyst Faisal al-Sharif considers that the parliament is divided against itself, and the state council alone does not have solutions, and in light of their political dispute, the tool by which the situation can be remedied remains absent, this is noticed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya and others who hold sovereign positions and exercised unilateral decision making in violation of the laws And regulations.

Al-Sharif added, in a statement to Arraed, that he does not see that there is any political means, according to the available legislation, that the two councils are able to intervene positively.

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