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Observers: The decision to suspend Bashagha stems from the corruption lobby, and the minister’s acceptance confirms his integrity.

At a time when the street awaits a brave and firm decision against the corrupt by the Presidential Council, local circles are surprised by the decision to suspend Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha as a precaution from work and refer him for administrative investigation.

A decision that some described as ill-considered, especially since the minister took concrete steps to combat corruption and curb the militias mired in corruption and the robbery of state institutions and the capabilities of Libyans.

Unfortunate decision

The journalist, Ibrahim Omar said, that the presidential decision cannot be considered that it came at the right time, especially since the GNA is still facing aggression that has not been completely defeated , and is still getting ready for the Libyan army.

Omar added, in statements to Arraed, that Bashagha is affiliated with the trend of confronting aggression, as he is credited with being able during his tenure to fight, restrain and control the outlaw militias, and he has become a fundamental pillar of the government, so the decision to dismiss him is not appropriate.

The corruption lobby is stronger

In the same context, the writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer believed that the presidential decision was not surprising given the growing disagreements within the reconciliation government, and that Bashagha’s sance on the demonstrations that were against the militias that rejected them, the conflict reached a point of collision and a decision was issued to suspend him.

In statements to Arraed, Al-Kabeer confirmed that the Minister of Interior has acted for months while engaging in the file of corruption and armed groups that dominate state institutions in Tripoli, and he needed real support from the Presidential Council, but the corruption lobby seems to have the strongest influence and put pressure to remove Bashagha.

Al-Kabeer indicated that the Interior Minister’s acceptance of compliance with the investigation reflects his confidence in his position , and we expect the President to initiate the investigation announced before the Parliament in Tripoli, as well as the implementation of Al-Sarraj pledge to reassure the demonstrators that the necessary measures will be taken to combat corruption and hold the corrupt accountable.

A step that shows Bashagha’s integrity

For his part, the writer Ali Abu Zayd explained that the Presidential Council took this step in light of the apparent failure of the President of the Presidential Council to take any serious and real action to fight corruption in light of the increasing popular demonstrations condemning this corruption.

Abu Zayd stressed, in statements to Arraed, that this step confirms Bashagha’s integrity and does not condemn him, because this step comes from the corruption circles surrounding Al-Sarraj, which Bashaga’s solidarity with the demonstrators posed a threat to them .

Abu Zayd explained that Bashagha’s response to the decision in accordance with the requirements of the law and his demand that the accountability be public confirms that the man is keen on the principles of the civil state, and that the facts must be shown to the people and not remain behind closed doors.

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