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Observers: The consensus of the two delegation of the dialogue in Abo Zniqa, represents a basic basis towards a political solution to the crisis.

The two delegations of the Libyan Dialogue in Abozniqa, Morocco, signed the final version of the criteria and controls for selecting the sovereign positions, in accordance with the provisions of Article 15 of the Political Agreement.

A member of the Supreme Council of State, Ali Al-Sweih revealed to Arraed that the consensuses signed by the parties of the dialogue will be presented to the Council next week, to vote on it.

A Good Base

The writer and political analyst, Ali Abo Zayd, said that these consensuses will be the basis and the foundations for what follows, and they are a test for the House of Representatives in Tobruk and the Supreme Council the State in the seriousness in moving towards a political solution, because both are required to approve these consensuses.

Abo Zayd, in a statement to Arraed, believed that there is a need to clarify the details of these consensuses in order to involve the street and give it reassuring messages, and for the dialogue process in its future stages to gain confidence and momentum that may help in its success.

Practical Consensuses

Al-Senussi Ismail, a political analyst, said that these consensuses are practical and reasonable, which took into account the competency criterion, so that there is a guarantee for the existence of unified institutions headed by those with expertise and qualified to assume sovereign positions.

In a statement to Arraed, Ismail said that at the same time, those understandings took into account the criterion of geographical distribution in the east, west and south, in order to provide reassurance and a general feeling of active participation from all regions inhabited by Libyans.

Ismail confirmed that the ball is now in the court of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the state; to approve these understandings and adopt them in order to take them to the political track, and both councils exercise their powers according to Article 15 of the Libyan Political Agreement; In order to avoid their marginalization and assigning the task of assigning sovereign positions to the dialogue team according to Article 64, which deals with grave breaches in particular when the bodies stemming from the political agreement are unable to perform the tasks entrusted to them.

Ismail revealed that the dialogue team will be expanded to include personalities representing all regions and components of the Libyan people.

Good thing, no doubt

Journalist Abdullah Al-Kabeer believed that setting standards and controls for sovereign positions is undoubtedly a good thing, but it does not require all this time nor mediation from outside if conditions are normal, and “it is a very late attempt to rapprochement between Parliament and the Supreme Council of State.

In a statement to Arraed, Al-Kabeer said that putting the regional standard within the selection criteria is a setback to the trend to unify the country and acquiescence to the political forces that perpetuate the division with flimsy arguments, according to him.

Al-Kabeer believed that these results are limited and there are several obstacles that will prevent their implementation, amendments to Article 15 of the political agreement need the approval of two-thirds of Parliament, and this is not currently available, because of the division of Parliament, as he put it.

Will the two sides succeed in gaining confidence and approval of what has been agreed upon in Morocco, or will these understandings clash with political differences and conflicts of interests between the parties?

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