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Observers: The ceasefire initiative forces Hifter to accept a political solution.

After the spokesperson of Hifter Ahmed Almesmari appeared in a statement yesterday, he welcomed the Russian-Turkish initiative for a ceasefire in Tripoli on January 12th, and regardless of the failure of Almesmari to mention the Turkish party in the initiative, the remarkable thing in this statement is its vague wording, according to observers. You cannot assert certainty of Hifter’s position except by evidence which many may not agree on, such as limiting in the statement the terrorist groups that were classified by the Security Council resolution, and talking about dismantling the militias after talking about eliminating them.

There is no way other than Compliance

 Abdullah Abdulallah Alkabir said that Khalifa Hifter has no choice but to submit to the Russian-Turkish initiative, as his military and political decision is in the hands of Russia

The writer Alkabir added, in a statement to Arraed, that Hifter’s statement yesterday included implicit approval of the Russian-Turkish initiative, and stated that he is continuing to fight terrorism as defined by the Security Council, which implies that he will succumb to international resolutions.

And Alkabir added that stopping the war for Hifter means his project to rule Libya by his own has failed, and his acceptance of stopping the attack on Tripoli is similar to poisoning himself.

Hifter still invokes terrorism

As for the writer Ali Abuzaid, he believes that Hifter is determined to invoke the claim of terrorism to continue his military approach, even though even his supporters are not hearing it.

Abuzaid added, in a statement to the Arraed, that Hifter suffers a state of bankruptcy of political tools, so that even his supporters were unable to provide any political support to get him out of this isolation..

Abuzaid confirmed that Hifter’s statement yesterday reflects the state of confusion as a result of his isolation, and this statement can be interpreted as pleading with the Russians not to abandon him.

Three options

For his part, the writer Mohamed Buisier said, “We only need to wait and see which options Hifter will choose after Turkey and Russia’s statement on the ceasefire.”

Buisier added, through his official page on Facebook, that Hifter has three options, no fourth, the first being to refuse the ceasefire, the second to be urgeed by his supporters to accept the ceasefire, and the third to give Hifter freedom of choice, which means that they have abandoned his project.

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