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Observers: The appointment of a new envoy to Libya will not affect the course of the dialogue.

After the resignation of the former UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salama, last March, the Security Council appointed his deputy for political affairs, Stephanie Williams, as acting head of the mission until a new envoy was appointed so that the dialogue process between the Libyan parties could continue without faltering.

Yesterday, the UN Security Council announced the appointment of “Nikolay Mladenov,” the UN envoy to the Middle East as an official envoy to Libya, to succeed Ghassan Salama. How will this affect the course of the dialogue led by Williams?

It will not affect

Journalist and writer Ali Abo Zaid says that the appointment of the new UN envoy to Libya, “Nikolay Mladenov”, will not affect the course of the Libyan dialogue, because Stephani Williams is still a deputy to the UN envoy on political affairs.

In a statement to Arraed, Abo Zaid explained that this is what makes the presence of the UN envoy a catalyst and pressure factor for the continuation of this path, which represents an implementation of the Security Council resolution regarding the implementation of the Berlin outcomes.

Abo Zaid believed that the new UN envoy may need some time to understand the dimensions of the Libyan scene, but this will not affect the course that was launched – according to him.

He does more

For his part, journalist Ibrahim Omar said that the new envoy, “Nikolay Mladenov,” will not be able to do more than the envoys before him. Because the Libyan crisis is in the hands of countries in the Security Council, such as Russia, the UAE and France.

Omar added in a statement to Arraed that these countries are the ones who fuel conflicts in Libya and will not stop supporting a party through which they want to impose their control or guarantee what they see their rights in Libya, so it is not easy for any envoy to change it as he said.

Omar explained that the state of internal division between the Libyan parties will not end unless ready-made solutions are imposed, and this will not last and will not succeed in the presence of a deep gap between the conflicting parties and in the shadow of those lying in wait in the country.

The UN plan does not depend on persons

Political analyst Mohamed Ghemim believes that whoever believes that work in the Security Council is according to whims and jurisprudence, he does not know the basics of working in international institutions that depend on an existing project, as the people in it are just tools, pointing out that the decision to appoint the new envoy has not yet been officially issued in the security Council’s website and we must be patient in reporting the news, according to Ghemim.

In a statement to Arraed, Ghemim explained that in Libya in previous years they had seen former envoys such as Leon, Kobler, Salama, or even Williams now, as everyone was working within the plan of dialogue and the transition from armed conflict to negotiation and dialogue at the dialogue table.

Ghemim added that whoever claims now that by assigning a new envoy is the firing of a bullet of mercy at the Williams project, Williams does not have a project and she is present on the behalf of the UN and the new envoy will represent the leadership of the mission to continue managing the dialogue file sponsored by the mission and not by Williams.

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