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Observers: Hifter’s visit to France and Germany is an announcement of his military failure.

Views differ on the goals and objectives of Hifter’s visit to the French capital, Paris, and his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, then a visit to Germany and his meeting with Chancellor Merkel.

 While observers believe that France is trying to revive the political track of the crisis and revitalize it after the resignation of Ghassan Salama the UN envoy from his post, Germany, according to others, seeks to stabilize and activate the ceasefire and confirm the outputs of the Berlin conference, in which the German government sees an important step to reduce the Russian and Turkish role In the Libyan crisis.

New Calculations

Political analyst Sanusi Ismail believes that Hifter’s visit to France comes in light of new calculations of French politics that have begun to take shape, as it appeared to the side supporting Hifter militarily inside the French house that he is a failure, and this was expressed by recent statements by France that confirmed the non existence of a military solution to the file.

Ismail added, in a statement to Arraed, that the content of Hifter’s visit to Germany can be speculated if we consider that the role of Germany differs greatly from France involved in supporting Hifter, as Germany declares neutrality and seeks to implement the Security Council resolution that came as a product of the Berlin conference, which is mainly intended to limit the Russian And the Turkish roles in Libya, which reduced the power of European influence in the Libyan file.

Forthcoming options

For his part, the writer and political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that Hifter’s visit to France aims to discuss the next options for him after his military failure and the entry of Russia and Turkey on the crisis line, indicating that France is still behind Hifter, but is troubled by the growing Russian and Turkish presence.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that the visit to Germany came at the invitation of the German Chancellor in the context of obligating Hifter to respect the understandings of Berlin, foremost of which is the ceasefire, and the search for a political settlement that he will be part of according to the vision of Western countries.

The deluded leader

The journalist, Ibrahim Omar, said that Hifter wants through his visits to delude his followers that he is the lone leader, and that he is the strong man who world leaders receive him with the red carpet, and also foretells a new movement that he wants to follow after his self-assertion of the impossibility of controlling the capital .

Omar added, in a statement to Arraed, that Hifter does not know that the leaders who meet him, that some want to warn him of his actions by opposing the military solution, and others want to convince him of the possibility of having a political role for him in the future of the country.

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