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Observers: Ending the Libyan-Turkish cooperation memorandum behind Salama’s efforts to change the GNA.

In the absence of representatives of the political forces in Libya, the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salama, insisted on the start of the political dialogue sessions in Geneva, which are supposed to include a mechanism to change the presidential council that leads the battle to defend the capital, Tripoli.

And followers of the Libyan case believe that Salama’s eager pursuit of holding political dialogue sessions and changing the presidential council is to end the Libyan-Turkish Memorandum of Understanding that turned the scales and made Hifter comply with the ceasefire.

Dismantling the memorandum of cooperation

Member of the Supreme Council of the State Naima Alhamy said: The Memorandum of Understanding that the Presidential Council signed with Turkey turned the papers and scales, and now they are seeking to discuss a mechanism to dismantle the memorandum, and by dismantling the GNA, they can dismantle the memorandum of understanding.

In a statement to Arraed, Alhamy wondered about who are the independent members to be chosen by Salama, and about their effectiveness on the ground? And to whom do they belong ?, expressing regret that Salama “intransigently” persisted in continuing the negotiations and setting the next date for the session in March.

Ending the Libyan-Turkish agreement

For his part, Adel Karmous, a member of the Supreme Council of State, said that the UN envoy Ghassan Salama, and as a result of his relationship with France in terms of nationality and residency and his relationship with the Emirates, he is well aware that the interests of these two countries will only be achieved through the termination of the two memoranda of understanding, and that this will not be achieved except through the termination of the legitimacy that brought this important step.

Karmous added, in a statement to Arraed, that there is no doubt that the Libyan-Turkish agreement on demarcating the borders turned the scales and changed the type of conflict from a struggle to end the Arab Spring revolutions to a struggle to preserve interests and influence, and that is why they are seeking a presidential change to end the memo.

Salama prepares the ground

For her part, member of the House of Representatives Rabia Aboras said that Salama in the Libyan scene represents the international will and it is not required of him to represent the Libyan will which is absent from the scene, as he prepares the ground and represents the international will, and as long the Libyan will is absent it is normal that The international party will exploit that.

Aboras stated, in a statement to Arraed, that she has no problem in who represents the peace process, but that she has a problem in the date of the project, and the agenda at this critical stage in which most Libyans are still displaced outside their houses living in pain.

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