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Observers: Countries that support Haftar have already started to abandon him and choose Aqeela Saleh as an alternative.

The star of Aqeela Saleh began to appear immediately after the Haftar militias were defeated in the Tripoli axes, as talk focused on Aqeela in any upcoming political solution as a character that might be talked to after the abandonment of Haftar and his refusal at the dialogue table.

This reinforces the belief that many of the countries supporting Haftar have already begun to abandon him, and rely on Aqeela Saleh, even for a while, and perhaps the most prominent of these countries is Russia and France, with the UAE and Egypt continuing to hold on to Haftar up to this point as it seems.

Difficulty relying on Haftar

The journalist Ali Abu Zayd believes that Russia in the first place and France again want to rely seriously on Aqeela Saleh; Because there is a conviction that it is difficult to count on Haftar politically after his military defeat.

Abu Zayd added, in a statement to Arraed, that Egypt and the UAE may still stick to Haftar, and the use of Aqeela Saleh is nothing more than an attempt to recycle Haftar in the political scene again through him.

Haftar shares fall

For his part, journalist and writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that opening of the major countries of direct channels of communication with Aqeela Saleh means that Haftar’s shares have declined, but we cannot go as far as asserting that they have abandoned them.

Al-Kabeer stated, in a statement to Arraed, that it is certain that these countries left Haftar aside, and are working to strengthen relations with other allies without excluding them for the assumption of the need for them at a later stage; to perform some limited roles as keeping him a scarecrow for his opponents, then using the issue of excluding him as a bargaining chip.

Aqeela Saleh may be the alternative to Haftar

For his part, journalist and blogger Ibrahim Omar saw that there is disintegration in the camp of countries supporting Haftar, which is beginning to burst onto the surface, or the beginning of a difference in the ways and means of continuing this support or stopping it.

Omar confirmed, in a statement to Arraed, that France and Russia with it want to stay away from Haftar’s support, at least politically, and search for an alternative to him, and only found Aqeela Saleh in his camp, where they aim to use him as a political front after Haftar’s military failure, and the UAE and Egypt are still clinging to Haftar, Because they see in him the implementer of their policies and plans or he is their real interface, which does not benefit Aqeela Saleh.

Omar explained that this difference will lead to favoring Aqeela Saleh. Because Haftar began to lose its luster, and even the countries of the world began to reject him, and others denounced him after his defeat and the truth of his project in Libya was exposed.

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