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Observers: Bo_Zniqa’s results may end the state of division in the sovereign institutions

Positive results emerged from the meetings of the “13 + 13” committee held in Bo_Zniqa, Morocco, according to the final statement, which led to the distribution of the sovereign positions according to the geographical regions of Libya, and these appointments in the sovereign positions end with the end of the preliminary phase.

These agreements were accompanied by some obstacles and skepticism by those obstructing the dialogue, in what some described as “personal interests and power sharing,” although the nominations will be based on the competence and experience of the personalities selected for positions, and in this context, here is Arraed’s follow-up of the reactions of followers and those interested in political affairs.

Should never been in doubt

Writer Abdulaziz Al-Ghanai said in a statement to Arraed, that we should not question the intentions and not consider that these are concessions for the sake of parties or sides, and we should see it as reconciliation in the first place and agreement for the sake of the homeland.

Al-Ghanai stressed that the Bo_Zniqa agreement on sovereign positions is a small cog in a major consensus system that we hope will be completed to achieve equality, provide services and strengthen the economy that will lead to stability.

Al-Ghanai pointed out that what is important is the satisfaction of the population in the regions, the opening of confidence measures between them, the realization of real opportunities for a return to dialogue, and an end to polarization and duplication of institutions.

To set standards

For his part, writer Ali Abo Zaid explained, in a statement to Arraed, that unlike the reading on which Bo _Zniqa’s meetings are interpreted, I think that these meetings are trying to set standards and controls that reduce the repercussions of quotas, which is a reality that cannot be bypassed or denied.

Abo Zaid emphasized that this is a result of the nature of the state of division and the collapse of confidence before Bo_Zniqa, and it is a reflection of the absence of an agreed reference for the political process, so agreeing on criteria and controls for those who hold these positions will ensure the existence of competence and experience in whoever holds any of these positions regardless from which region they are.

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