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Observers: Alsisi’s statements are an attempt to fabricate an external crisis to cover the Al Nahda Dam issue.

Egyptian President Abdelfatah Alsisi has revealed his malicious intentions, under the cloak of concern for the stability of Libya, which he pretends at every international conference or meeting – and has publicly stated that the last line of Haftar’s defense is the oil ports and it is a red line.

These public statements by Alsisi have been seen by observers as being for media consumption, and they will not be translated into actions, nor will he dare to move militarily in Libya for several reasons, the most important of which is the Turkish presence supporting the GNA.

Fabrication of a crisis

Political analyst Ahmed Alrawyati said that there are those who say that Alsisi’s statements are an attempt to export the Egyptian crisis regarding the Al Nahda Dam and conflicting public opinion on this issue, which may destroy the authority in Egypt, by fabricating another crisis.

In his statement to Arraed, Alrawyati explained that there is a near agreement between the Turks and the Russians regarding the end of this Libyan conflict that entered a stalemate in Sirte, and Egypt has knowledge of the nature of the agreement and its content; Therefore, Alsisi knows that his statements today are nothing more than statements and will not actually interfere.

Alrawyati added that Sirte and Al-Jufra are not concerned with Alsisi’s statements, but rather the oil ports and beyond, which represents national, cultural, economic, and military security for Egypt; Therefore, he will go to the difficult option, which is the military solution, because it is a matter of life and death for him, indicating that Egypt, according to his estimate, if a certain settlement occurred in the coming days, through which it could maintain its ally’s control over the eastern region, it would intervene militarily only by air.

Media Victory

The political activist, Ghada Basem, believed that Alsisi’s statements came based on leaks about a Turkish-Russian agreement regarding the two regions, in order to attribute a media victory for Alsisi, and this does not deny that Egypt is benefiting from the smuggling of fuel and others from the eastern region, not to mention the geographical ambitions that his media has marketed over the years.

Ghada added, in a statement to Arraed, that the support of the UAE and Saudi Arabia to Alsisi’s speech is expected to be added to the countries of Jordan and Greece to strengthen their previous positions and support for Haftar and try to save him, noting that Haftar called his forces the “Libyan Arab Army”; In preparation for this stage of intervention under the pretext of Arabism, it is surprising that Egypt has fallen into the trap of war, just as Saudi Arabia previously fell into the quagmire of Yemen and is still suffering to get out of it.

“Ghada” said that Alsisi’s talk about supporting the tribes and arming them now, even though Egypt armed them and sent them ammunition and Egyptian officers before – its purpose is to convey a message that they have not interfered militarily in the Libyan issue until now, even though they supported all Haftar’s former military efforts by moving the greed of some simple mentalities of the tribes in the country’s fortunes to become a regional agenda.

A classic way

For his part, political analyst Abdulmajeed Alawiti described that what Sisi is doing today is a classical outdated method when a political system tries to export part of its internal problems to other countries.

Al-Awiti said, in a statement to Arraed, that Egypt is facing thirsty years as a result of the Ethiopian Al Nahda Dam, and the Egyptian people are concerned about this upcoming crisis, and there is no real Egyptian reaction to the Ethiopian move, which has increased public concern and turned it into an official concern that casts a shadow on Egyptian propaganda On the Egyptian armed forces, their readiness and strength, this propaganda that lacks reality, any armed confrontation with a country, including Ethiopia, will collide with the fact that the capabilities of the Egyptian forces are weak.

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