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Norland: We will impose sanctions on those who deal with Russian Wagner mercenaries.

The US ambassador to Libya, “Richard Norland”, confirmed on Saturday that his country imposed sanctions on those dealing with the Russian “Wagner” group.

Norland added, in an interview with the “Al-Wasat” website, that his country has imposed a number of sanctions before, and maintains the option of imposing additional sanctions on those who work with the Russian “Wagner” group.

Norland explained that the sanctions are an effective means but take time to implement them, stressing the need to initiate the suspension of military actions and confront the Corona pandemic, and not wait for the implementation of the sanctions, he said.

Norland called on the foreign intervention parties in Libya that pledged at the Berlin conference, to fulfill those pledges, expressing his feeling of great frustration. ”Because it has not yet fulfilled its pledges.

On the “Irini” process launched by the European Union, Norland announced his country’s support for it, adding that it would be possible to monitor violations of the arms embargo across Libya’s land borders as well through satellites.

It is worth noting that international reports confirmed the presence of the mercenaries of the Russian company “Wagner” who were estimated by thousands according to different sources within the Haftar militia south of Tripoli, and this also confirmed the killing of a number of them in the ongoing battles.

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