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NOC welcomes arrest warrants issued for smugglers

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) welcomed arrest warrants issued by the Attorney General for more than 144 smugglers in the western region.

The NOC confirmed in a statement published on its official website on Sunday, the continuation of the submission of periodic reports and information on smuggling operations by “criminal gangs” to the Attorney General’s Office.

The Oil Corporation expressed eagerness to arresting all of those who have wronged the Libyan people and wasted their wealth, mainly “Ibrahim Jadran and whoever colluded with him with support and incitement to close the oil ports,” according to the statement.

The NOC praised the efforts of the prosecutors and the head of the investigation department in the Office of the Attorney General Al-Siddiq Al-Soor in bringing criminals to justice.


The head of investigations at the Office of the Attorney General, Al-Siddiq Al-Soor told the leader on Friday, the arrest warrant issued against 114 accused of smuggling, explaining that most of them are in Sabrata, Zuwara, Al-Zawiya and Al-Jemel.

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