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NOC says El Sharara oilfield closure caused $ 30 million loss

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) estimated the losses of El Sharara oil field closure at $ 30 million US dollars with almost half a million barrels of Libyan production lost.

The Corporation confirmed in a statement on its official website on Monday its commitment to sue Hassan Mohammed Joueili, the person behind closing the pipeline’s valve, describing his work as “criminal,” denying Joueili’s claim that the pipeline is causing pollution to his land.

The NOC accused Joueili of stealing a gear box and a valve arm last year and claimed that there was rubble and rubbish near his land passing through the pipe.

The Oil Corporation considered Joueili’s request to contract the NOC to clean the land as a means of blackmail.


The NOC explained that it contacted all the municipal council, who condemned this action.

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