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NOC announces completion of project “Sea of ​​Peace” second phase

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced the completion of the second phase of the Sea of ​​Peace field project at the Sabratha marine platform and the resumption of gas pumping to the industrial complex of Mellitah.

In a statement, the company said the second phase of the project was completed successfully after connecting new offshore gas production wells at the Sabratha marine platform in the Sea of ​​Peace field at a daily production rate of 380 million cubic feet of gas, adding that work continues to gradually increase production and reach normal rates.

The company explained that the project aims to maintain gas production rates in the Sea of ​​Peace field; to ensure the stability of the local market supply needs of natural gas necessary for the operation of power generating units and industrial units on a regular basis.

The Sea of Peace field started operations in 2005, and produces 995 million cubic feet of gas daily, 36 thousand barrels of condensate.

Mellitah Oil & Gas Company operates the field on behalf of the National Oil Corporation and Italian company “Eni”.

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