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New evidence revealed by AFRICOM about the presence of Russian mercenaries in Libya.

There are many reports, evidence and photos that revealed the presence of mercenaries in Libya , to fight for Haftar’s militia, it was difficult for Haftar’s spokesman to hide these facts and hinted the presence of the Russians in Libya; to provide technical support and advice in an attempt to mislead the public about these facts.

The American Command in Africa, AFRICOM, was the definitive evidence in revealing the Russian presence in Libya, despite the Russian authorities’ denial of any presence in Libya, they published pictures and videos of cargo planes, and other warplanes located at Al-Jufra base.

The Russians are in Libya to fight, not to train

The latest AFRICOM report by Director of Intelligence at the Pentagon’s African Command “Heidi Berg” revealed that more than 12 attack aircraft sent by Russia to Libya this year carried out ground strikes and combat missions; to support Russian mercenaries fighting alongside Haftar.

AFRICOM also disclosed that inefficiency and lack of technical skill caused the destruction of two MiG-29s, one in June, and the other last week.

It confirmed that Russian cargo planes continue to supply “Wagner” forces operating in Libya with military armored vehicles, SA-22 air defense systems, fuel, ammunition and other supplies.

Berg denied the information circulating about Moscow installing advanced S-300 or S-400 air defenses in Libya, pointing out that the “Wagner” group now has 3 thousand personnel and a thousand Syrian mercenaries in Libya.

Not the first report

This is not the first time that AFRICOM reveals the role of Russian mercenaries in Libya, as this information was preceded by a report last May that Russian warplanes that arrived in Libya landed at Al-Jufra air base and refueled near Tobruk, amid Russian denials of sending soldiers to Libya.

“AFRICOM” spokesman Major Karl West told Al-Jazeera correspondent that 14 MiGs had been refueled near Tobruk before their arrival in Al-Jufra, and that these planes could provide air support to the Russian security group Wagner, which provides support to the forces of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar.

In this context, a spokesman for the US Defense Department, Jonathan Hoffman, said that the number of Russian aircraft is 14, which is a mixture of Sukhoi 24 and MiG-29, pointing out that Washington opposes any military attacks in the region, and has asked all parties, the Russians and others, to stop doing what they are doing. over there.

Local evidence

Also, the matter is no longer hidden for anyone, and the Russians are no longer afraid of appearing, so the first evidence of their presence was in pictures after the defeat of Haftar, south of Tripoli, when a number of citizens photographed columns of mercenaries leaving the city of Bani Waleed towards Al-Jufra.

Evidence continued after that, and citizens documented their presence in Hoon and Sirte, while they were walking around in military uniform and weapons, and in cars belonging to Haftar’s militias.

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