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New batches of the army in the western region … matched by changing the names of Haftar’s militia in the east.

Haftar and his media have always tried to portray his militias as a national army, especially as they were defeated on the walls of Tripoli, the western region began graduating batches of the Libyan army forces, to match that Haftar changed the names of his militias and sent his sons to the camps, and graduated military batches from these militias.

Haftar’s illusion

Haftar and his sons reappeared on the honorary platforms, boasting and not mourning about their deaths after admitting to the killing of more than 7,000 members of his militias alone; As a result of its aggression against Tripoli, which began in April 2019, and ended in its defeat in June 2020 at the hands of the Libyan army.

He changed the names of his defeated militias led by his sons, which were previously called “Brigade 106 / and Brigade 128” to “Brigade Khaled Bin Al-Walid / Brigade of Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib” on December 17th, and after 3 days, what remained of them appeared as new forces.

A catastrophic failure

As usual, Haftar and his militia have failed even to secure the eastern region. This is confirmed by the commander of Haftar’s militia in Tobruk, Salem al-Rafadi, that they were unable to resolve the tribal clashes that broke out two days ago between the Al-Qataan and Al-Obaidat tribes.

Al-Rafadi confirmed in an official statement on Friday that the clashes took place; Due to tribal quotas against the background of changing the director of the Social Security Office in Tobruk and granting it to the son of the sister of Tobruk Parliament speaker Aqila Saleh, which resulted in the bombing of the building and the killing of 4 militants from these two tribes, a number of wounded and material losses of private and public property.

Real picture

While the Libyan army forces witnessed training, qualification and graduation of new batches in the western region at the highest levels, with the participation of military experts, by including a number of support forces to defend the capital and new recruits under strict controls and conditions.

These exercises were meant to graduate the new forces with the highest levels of training and qualification, by opening new training centers that were advanced in terms of the military curriculum and plans, to increase the capabilities of the Libyan army, and to show its good appearance in accordance with global conditions.

After all his defeats, why has Haftar insisted on reintegrating his militias and making their first and last loyalty to him and his sons?

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