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Naeem Alghiryani: We call on the Presidential Council to form a war government.

A member of the House of Representatives Naim Alghiryani demanded the Presidential Council be alert to the necessity of forming a war government composed of impartial and patriotic national figures aligned with the homeland and its revolution and its greatest purpose is to manage the battle and achieve victory.

Alghaiyani added, through his official Facebook page, that the government must be free of suspicious, trembling people or those to trade the country, its interests, the lives of its children and their future.

Alghiryani called for severing relations with countries supporting the aggression against the Libyan people in all its forms and considering them the enemy of the Libyan people, especially Egypt and the UAE.

Alghiryani said that it is necessary to determine the countries that are friendly to the Libyan people, and focus efforts towards closer relations with them, politically, economically, security, and militarily, notably Turkey, Qatar, and the Maghreb Union countries who are aligned with the Libyan people and their revolution.

It is worth noting that the bombing of the drone supporting Hifter, on Saturday, on the Military College in Alhadba area in the capital, Tripoli, left more than 30 martyrs and 33 wounded.

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