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Municipality of Sirte, commemorates the third anniversary of the liberation of the city from ISIS.

The Municipal Council of Sirte commemorated Today, Tuesday, the third anniversary of the liberation of the city of Sirte from the grip of the terrorist organization, by holding a ceremonial under the title ” victory of the Albonyan and Sirte returned” held in the halls of the Ouagadougou complex.

The cerminial presenter said in a speech , that the battle started when the black organization awakened Misurata from its den, so they got up and rose and chased it from the Sdada bridge until they surrounded it in a square kilometer, and finally inside Sirte, stressing that the sacrifices were great inside Sirte when the terorrists committed crimes against its people, before Be washed away by the storm of Albonyan.

The ceremony reviewed a video clip that included the organization’s practices inside the city while it was controlling it and some of its liberation battles and scenes of destruction that took place in its buildings and homes, as well as the Libyan Red Crescent efforts in assisting the displaced, the efforts of the committee for the displaced in the return of the people of the city and the work of maintenance of the effects of the war.

It also included the presentation of a video clip entitled “The Story of Albonyan”, which tells the process of Abonyan Almarsous since its begining and all the battles of its liberation.

Member of the Municipal Council, Sirte, Ibrahim Mleitan, said in a speech on behalf of the council, that the fighters of Albonyan Almarsous sacrificed their lives in order for the city’s residents enjoying freedom and safety, expressing surprise at the lack of interest in the presidential council in the municipality whose houses were destroyed.

  In his speech , the commander of Albonyan Almarsous Operations Chamber, Major General Bashir Al-Qadi, praised the efforts of the heroes who eliminated one of the organization’s largest gatherings, expressing his appreciation to the families of the martyrs, the wounded, and the heroes who are still performing new epics in repelling the unjust aggression against the capital, Tripoli, stressing that The bulk of the forces that are fighting Hifter’s aggression are from Albonyan Almarsous forces.

spokesman for the A spokesman for the Force of Protection and Insurance of Sirte, “Taha Hadid,” said in a speech, that the battle to liberate Sirte from the organization is added to the records of history, expressing his appreciation to all the heroes who wrote the epics to liberate it, adding that the force today is securing the city and supporting its institutions and combating all terrorist acts, adding that Sirte today is a model for the state of institutions after darkness prevailed on its streets

In his speech, Hadid expressed the targeting warplanes and drones of Hifter to the civil institutions in the city of Sirte, noting that there are attempts to enable the Janjaweed to control Sirte, saying: “We have knowledge of all moves east of Sirte,” adding that his forces will not leave Sirte to foreign mercenaries, according to him.

The closing ceremony included honoring the force with the shield of loyalty to the chief of Albonyan Almarsous Operations, another for the commander of the Sirte Protection and Insurance Force, and a third for the families of the Albonyan Almarsous martyrs.

The Municipal Council of Sirte witnessed a celebration last year by laying the foundation stone for the memorial of the martyrs of Albonyan Almarsous on the roundabout of Zafaran, where the Islamic State was conducting its executions.

It is worth noting that the liberation battle of Sirte from the fists of the terrorist organization ISIS at the hands of Operation Albonyan Almarsous, which lasted for 8 months, during which more than 700 fighters of the operation killed, and more than 3,000 were wounded.

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