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Ministry of Justice: We are working on a draft law criminalizing hatred speech.

The Ministry of Justice revealed, on Wednesday, that work is being done to prepare a draft law that criminalizes hate speech and punishes anyone who broadcasts or publishes it, calling for the establishment of a national observatory that tracks this speech, and proposes measures to ensure that it combats it and reduces its dangers.

In a statement, the Ministry called on those responsible for the media work, the media and activists in the media field , to issue a code of professional conduct to establish a self-media commitment to media work ethics.

The Ministry indicated that during its follow-up to the behavior produced by some media outlets, it noted that it had adopted a media discourse that incites violence and hatred, and broadcasts the toxins of the division and tribal and regional feuds, through its programs and hosting of people who make accusations with the intention of distorting and fueling public opinion.

It is worth noting that the Minister of the Interior Fathi Bashagha confirmed, on Tuesday, that one of the directors of the foreign-funded channels that support the GNA was involved in a suspicious relationship with the intelligence of a state hostile to blackmail the government, and is working to tear the social fabric and call for strife, as he described, explaining that the security services are searching for this Variable behavior.

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