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Ministry of Interior: Haftar militias underestimate the lives of citizens and the infrastructure.

The Ministry of the Interior condemned the indiscriminate shelling of the Tripoli Central Hospital, located in Alzawiya Street, and the repeated crimes against residents of the capital.

The Ministry of Interior added, in a statement on its official page, on Wednesday, that the indiscriminate shelling hit the building of the dermatology department, the nose and throat section, and the patients were transferred to other hospitals. The Sidi Khalifa area and the Soor Road were also hit leaving a number of civilian casualties.

The Ministry confirmed that these repeated criminal acts committed by criminal militias outside the legitimacy used mercenaries to destroy the capital, intimidate the safe people and spread terror in them, as a result of the defeats suffered by them in the fighting axes against the Libyan army strikes, which made them take revenge.

The Ministry indicated that, despite the repeated requests of the Ministry of Interior and all authorities in the Libyan state to the international community and the United Nations Mission in Libya to assume their responsibilities towards these crimes committed by the militias of Haftar, to document them, hold the perpetrators accountable and bring them to justice, it did not find listening ears, which gave them the opportunity to continue their crimes.

It is worth noting that, since the beginning of Ramadan, the militias of Haftar deliberately targeted the neighborhoods of the capital, Tripoli, with indiscriminate rockets that left dozens dead and wounded.

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