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Merkel: Berlin’s purpose is to reach a political solution in Libya.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear that the aim of the Berlin conference is to commit the parties involved in the arms embargo to open the way for a political solution in Libya.

Merkel added, during the meeting of the parliamentary bloc of her alliance, that the conference must be dealt with, with “very low expectations”, expressing her cautious optimism about the conference’s chances of achieving steps forward to end the Libyan crisis, as reported by “the Deutsche Villa”.

Merkel considered that the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Rejep Tayyip Erdogan to Berlin was a “good gesture” that would enable us to approach a ceasefire.

It is worth noting that the German government has invited the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, Khalifa Hifter, the Turkish and Russian presidents, and a number of heads of state to attend the Berlin conference, which will be held next Sunday, for the purpose of arriving at a settlement of the Libyan crisis.

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