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Members of the Constitutional Commission … Saeed’s statements indicate that he is not aware of Libyan affairs.

In statements that might be described as strange because it was issued by a democratically elected president, Tunisian President Qais Saeed, in comments from Paris, called on the Libyan tribes to write a constitution for the country.

Saeed’s statements under these circumstances and his suggestion that the Libyan community is a tribal society, members of the Constitution Commission were surprised by the statements and stressed that it was disappointing, and indicated his lack of knowledge of the Libyan issue

Disappointing statements

Member of the Constituent Assembly for drafting the draft of the constitution, “Daw Al-Mansouri”, said that Saeed’s statements were disappointing, and they showed a lack of awareness of the course of political affairs in Libya, and amounted to the extent of insulting the Libyan people as tribalism, which is the stage that precedes urbanization without realizing that Libya was among the first Arab countries to manufacture the constitution by the hands of its sons before Tunisia’s independence, and from this angle, his statement was considered ignorance of the political and constitutional conditions in Libya.

Al-Mansouri said, in a statement to Arraed, that the Tunisian president must face himself, as he reached power in Tunisia under the Tunisian constitution , the Tunisian tribes do not exist in the history of Tunisia to make the constitution. As for the Libyan people to lay down and match it and liken it to what is going on in Afghanistan, I believe that it is not appropriate for a friendly and neighboring head of state and a professor of constitutional law; For not having ever clarified any constitution that the tribes made and took the path of civilization and urbanization.

Unaware of Libyan affairs

For her part, a member of the Constituent Assembly for drafting the constitution “Eitimad Al-Msalati” said that the Tunisian President Qais Saeed’s last statement in which he accused Libya of tribalism came because he was not aware of the Libyan issue.

Al-Msalati added, in a statement to Arraed, that Libya will be built by laws and a tight constitution, and we will prove to the world that Libya wants to build a real state, stressing that the the constitution relys on multi-party democracy and the interests of the citizen.

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