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Member Of The Supreme Council Of The State: The Amendment Of The HOR Is Illegal

A member of the Supreme Council of State Fateh Allah Al-Sariri, on Saturday, said that voting on the referendum law and executing a constitutional amendment 75 days after the adoption of the law is the strongest proof of its unconstitutionality.

He added that the House of Representatives (HOR) believes that its the only legitimate body forgetting that it stems from the political agreement with specific competencies exercised according to certain mechanisms, and any legal action contrary to the agreement is unconstitutional and does not deal with the Council of State and other state institutions, and this applies to the amendments of the Constitutional laws and the referendum law on the constitution.

He explained that the Highest State considers the Libyan political agreement a constitutional document and an integral part of the constitutional declaration until the holding of legislative and presidential elections under a permanent constitution and that all objects derive their presence and legitimacy from it, which is what the international community counts.

The House of Representatives ratified last Monday the Tenth and Eleventh Amendments to the constitutional declaration and the fortification of Article VI law of the referendum on the Constitution.

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