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Mass graves and decomposing bodies were found in areas previously controlled by the Haftar militias.

Since the liberation of Tarhuna and south of Tripoli, Libyan army forces have found 3 mass graves and a number of decomposing corpses of citizens killed by Hafar’s al-Kani militia before they escaped.

The crimes of Al-Kani and Haftar militias were exposed when the army entered Tarhuna and found more than 100 bodies inside the city hospital, including the bodies of children and women, most of them decomposed.

The army and specialized teams continued to search for cemeteries and corpses, and the National Safety Authority announced, yesterday, that 5 bodies had been recovered from a well at a depth of approximately 45 meters in the Alawata area near Tarhuna.

On June 7, the General Authority for Identification and Search for Missing Persons recovered 9 decomposed bodies of unidentified people in areas south of Tripoli that were controlled by the Haftar militias.

In a video clip today, Wednesday, Tarhuna Protection Force revealed a mass grave found at Issa Harouda farm inside the city, without giving further details.

On May 30, the Ministry of Interior recovered 4 bodies in the Al-Saadiah area of ​​a man, a woman and two children, who were completely decomposed, who were found to be from the family of Muhammad Alrakhri, who had been missing since October 2019.

It is worth noting that the Red Crescent teams and the Field Medicine Center continue to search inside the city of Tarhuna for mass graves of missing persons who were kidnapped by the Haftar militias during their aggression on Tripoli.

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