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Major airlines adopt a health passport to detect coronavirus test results.

The American newspaper “The New York Times” reported that the major airlines, led by the American “United Airlines”, and “Jet Blue” and the German “Lufthansa” company, will begin next week to present an application that represents a digital health passport called “Common Pass” To check passenger coronavirus test results.

The newspaper said, Monday, that the “Common Pass” application informs users of local travel rules and conditions in the current situation, such as providing evidence of a negative test for the virus, to enable passengers to join certain international flights, according to the “Arabi Post”.

In the same context, Dr. “Brad Kenz”, an official at the “Commons Project” who developed the application, said that electronic vaccination credentials may have a profound impact on efforts to control the spread of the virus and re-advance the economy.

The American company “United” has tested the “Common Pass” application on a flight to “Newark Liberty” International Airport in the state of “New Jersey” from “Heathrow” airport in London. The application is expected to be used by four airlines on some international flights. .

It is worth noting that the total number of Coronavirus infections around the world increased to 72 million, 41 million recoveries, and deaths exceeded one million.

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