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Libya’s legitimate bodies respond to Alsisi … and consider his statements a “blatant” interference in Libyan sovereignty.

Only days have passed since the Libyan army announced the liberation of the entire western region from Haftar militias and their multinational mercenaries, backed by several countries that are greedy for Libyan wealth and seeking to make the military coup of Haftar successful and bring him to power in the country.

Egypt, which can no longer hide its greed and support, which has become openly with the blessing of some Gulf states by plotting on the political agreement in Libya, this was reinforced by the statement of its president, Abdelfattah Alsisi, who stressed the necessity of military intervention to protect the war criminal Haftar, defining the cities of Sirte and Al Jufra as a red line, as if he was talking about cities in Egypt.

Infringement of sovereignty

The Presidential Council declared that interference in the internal affairs of the Libyan state and encroaching upon its sovereignty, whether with media statements as the Egyptian president did or with the support of the coup leaders – is unacceptable, and is considered blatant interference and a declaration of war.

In a statement on behalf of “the State of Libya”, the President of the GNA addressed those who threaten military intervention, that whatever the disagreement between the Libyans, “we will not allow insulting our people and using the language of threat and intimidation,” stressing that all of Libya is a red line, and that the red lines are defined by the blood of the martyrs, not by fiery statements , Wondering where were those people when thousands were killed and wounded during the liberation of Sirte from ISIS ?!

The President of the GNA called on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards this escalation, reiterating its welcome to the role of any mediator when it is neutral, and across the tracks of the United Nations and not through unilateral initiatives that are biased towards the outlaws, stressing that the reconciliation government is the only legitimate representative of the Libyan state, and it alone has the right to determine the form of its agreements And its alliances and its type.

The Supreme Council: We reject Alsisi’s statements

Head of the Supreme Council of State Khalid Almishri confirmed, after Alsisi’s statement, rejecting what was stated in his statements, considering them an insult to Libyan sovereignty, and a blatant interference.

Clear recognition of the intention of the aggression

The House of Representatives denounced the statements of Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi and his threat of military intervention in Libya, considering it an explicit recognition of the aggression against Libya’s security and sovereignty.

The HOR, in a statement on its official page on Saturday, said that the Egyptian regime contributed to the aggression against the sovereignty of Libya and tampering with its security and territorial integrity, stressing that the Alsisi threat in itself is a violation of international law and a violation of the country’s sovereignty and contrary to international legitimacy and the Charter of the United Nations and all international and regional covenants.

The HOR added, in a statement, that Alsisi’s threat confirms beyond any doubt that he was not and will not be a neutral party in the Libyan crisis, but rather that he is an essential part of it, and a major reason for it, calling on the GNA to be fully prepared to respond to this threat politically and practically. And taking this aggression seriously, and studying all options available to respond at the right time and place.

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