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Libyan navy: Amnesty International is the “Voice of the mighty”

Navy spokesman Ayoub Kassem said that Amnesty International expresses the voice of the powerful who have money and influence and do not represent people in need of international support, as he puts it.

“The organization should have visited Libya and listened to the Coast Guard certificates before issuing such reports,” Kassem told the news agency.

The navy spokesman denied Amnesty International’s accusations against the Coast Guard, intercepting the boats of migrants at sea, asserting that they carry out rescue operations fairly.

Kassim explained that the reports based on Amnesty International are incorrect reports taken by the organization from the testimonies of some immigrants, and accused  the organization “Sea Watch” of violating international laws.

He called on the Libyan government, the Libyan Foreign Ministry and all concerned authorities to respond to these charges,  and go legally hold these organizations accountable, to express the position of the Libyan coast guard,and  to clarify what the coast guard is doing at sea to rescuing migrants.


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