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Libyan army officers agree on the unity of the country

The Libyan army officers meeting in Egypt on Friday, renewed their agreement on the unity and sovereignty of Libya and the removal of the military establishment from political and regional polarization.

According to the final statement of the 6th meeting of the Libyan army officers, the participants announced the continuation of the meetings during the coming period, for technical committees to complete the work on the mechanisms of implementation and actual realization of the national project of unifying the Libyan army.

The statement stressed that the path of unifying the military establishment would serve as the solid nucleus to push forward the political process during this “critical” phase of the nation’s history, noting the need to proceed with the project, which will enable it to deal positively and effectively with the challenges facing the state.


Libyan army officers who were present in the Egyptian capital Cairo, confirmed in the fifth meeting the need to spare the military institution the political conflict in the country.

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