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Libya seventh worst passport in the world in 2018

Henley & Partner revealed the list of the best passports in the world for 2018.

On Wednesday, the organization’s list showed that the Libyan passport and its Nepali counterpart were ranked seventh on the list of the world’s worst passports, which allowed their holders to travel to only 36 countries without a visa.

The Afghan passport topped the list of the worst passport in the world, followed by the Iraqi, Syrian, Pakistani, Somali, and the Yemeni passport in sixth place, according to the institution.

In this list, Henley & Partner determines placement of each passport according to: visa prohibitions, freedom of travel, and the number of countries the passport holder permits to enter without a visa.


The German passport is the best passport in the world. The passport’s holders can travel to 177 countries without a visa, followed by the Singaporean and Swedish passports in second place, which enables them to enter 176 countries.

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