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Libya is on the brink of coronavirus … amid a political and economic crisis that may be difficult to confront.

The country faces yet another danger that could increase the suffering of the citizens, who were displaced by political conflicts and military wars, which is the danger of the spread of the global corona pandemic that started to besiege Libya after neighboring countries Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria recorded cases of this epidemic.

The President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, declared the state of emergency and mobilization to face the repercussions of the virus threat and activate the WHO strategic plan for preparedness and response and allocated half a billion dinars to combat this epidemic.

The risk of a pandemic, which Libya has not yet registered a case of coronavirus, according to the Ministry of Health, but facing this epidemic may be difficult for the government to confront in light of the aggression on Tripoli and closures oil ports.

A global pandemic

The writer and political analyst Ali Abuzayd said that the Libyans are going through the most difficult crises today, as they and the rest of the countries are facing a global epidemic, and the situation has redoubled for several reasons, the most important of which is the political division that led to the weak executive authority and the very poor level of its performance.

Abuzayd added, in a statement to Arraed, that the war on the capital, Tripoli, made life in it almost paralyzed and then a third cultural, which is the closure of the oil ports at the behest of Haftar, which resulted in the delay in approving the financial arrangements and a real threat to our fragile economic situation, which was hit harder with the fall of world oil prices to Records.

Abuzayd affirmed that all of these issues make the citizen in a swirl of crises that increase his distress and pressure, which may eventually lead to the collapse of what’s left of the state.

Lack of moral intent

For his part, political analyst Abdulmajeed Al-Awiti said that the lack of moral imperative is the most important reason for the outbreak of crises during wars. The aggressor uses the closure of oil as a tool to pressure those who are fighting him in order for the citizen to suffer the pressure of need and come out calling for any solution even if it is unfair.

Al-Awiti said in a statement to Arraed that when another crisis occurs, Hifter does not hesitate to use it and use its negativity as a new cannon, adding it to his immoral war machines.

Al-Awiti added that the citizen today lies between the hammer of the coronavirus and the anvil of closing the fields and the hand that struck with the hammer to hit the anvil is the hand of the aggressor striking with all his strength in the service of his interests and those of who pay him for the continuation of crises and exacerbate them.

The suffering of the people

Political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer said on Sunday that Libya has so far been free of the Coronavirus, but the measures announced by the government may increase the suffering of people who are already suffering from the pressure of Hifter and his transgressions.

In a statement to Arraed, Al-Kabeer added that Hifter closed the oil for political reasons related to his political project in the context of pressure and informing the international community of the scope of his control in Libya.

Al-Kabeer clarified that Coronavirus is a global pandemic, and it is unlikely that countries in the world will be spared the infection of some of its citizens or affected by its economic and social repercussions.

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