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Libya Crime Watch Organization documents 20 kidnappings in Sirte.

The Libyan Crime Watch Organization has documented the kidnapping of 20 civilians in Sirte since the entry of Hifter militias, blaming them with full legal responsibility for all human rights violations that occur in the city.

The organization stated, in a statement on Friday, that it had received a number of complaints from citizens regarding kidnappings and arbitrary arrests without an arrest warrant from the prosecution, unlawful detention and house raids without search warrants, intimidation of civilians and restrictions on public freedoms.

The organization condemned these violations targeting civilians and is a flagrant and systematic violation of the International Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil, Political and Cultural Rights, calling for Hifter militias to immediately stop arbitrary arrests, raids on homes and abide by international humanitarian law.

And the head of the Passports Branch, Sirte Abdel Hadi Ghnia, said last Sunday that outlaws robbed the passports headquarters in the city and stole phones, equipment, computers and a fax machine, after Hifter militias burned the branch of the Culture Authority office in Sirte and stole its contents.

It is worth noting that the members of Hifter had kidnapped a number of the city’s youth, who were participating in Albunyan Almarsous operation that defeated ISIS in Sirte.

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