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Libya and Malta sign a memorandum of air and sea cooperation.

The Airports Authority of the Ministry of Communications announced, on Wednesday, the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Libyan and Maltese sides, for cooperation in the field of air and maritime transport.

The agreement includes, according to the Ministry of Communications, the resumption of flights between the two countries through the Mediterranean Aviation Company “Medavia”, provided that the necessary procedures are observed, to confront the Corona pandemic, and the registration of one of the Libyan Airlines aircraft in Malta.

The memorandum of agreement stipulates that the necessary amendments be made to the bilateral air transport agreement concluded between the two countries, and the contribution of Maltese institutions to raising the efficiency of Libyan crews in the field of aviation and airports.

It is worth mentioning that Malta had announced, in a joint triangular statement of the countries of Libya, Malta and Turkey, on the 6th of last August, stipulating the strengthening of joint cooperation, the return of Turkish and Maltese companies to work in Libya, the resumption of flights between Libya and both Malta and Turkey, participation in the fight against human trafficking, and Smuggling operations, and to raise the capabilities of the Libyan Coast Guard.

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