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“Le Monde”: 1,500 Syrian mercenaries from the Druze community support Hifter.

French newspaper “Le Monde” quoted a close associate of the Russian company “Wagner” confirmed the arrival of 1500 well-trained Druze mercenaries to Benghazi in coordination with a Syrian security leader called Ali Mamlouk to support the militia of Hifter.

The source confirmed to the French newspaper, according to what it published on Wednesday, that most of the Syrian mercenaries who fight with Hifter hail from the Ghouta region on the outskirts of Damascus and Asuwayda, noting that their salaries range between 800 and 1500 dollars.

The newspaper reported the start of forming a new axis between the parallel government and the Syrian regime to support Hifter, out of agreement on a common enmity to Turkey, noting that the recruitment of Syrian mercenaries had already begun in 2018.

According to the newspaper’s report, air traffic between Syria and Benghazi increased from an average of one trip per month on average to between one and two flights per week, a number that quadruples.

It is worth noting that Ghassan Salama, the United Nations envoy to Libya, confirmed, in December of last year, that there are several planes that periodically fly between Damascus and Benghazi without knowing the nature of what they carry.

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