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Lawsuits filed against Haftar … will they lead him to prison?

Months ago, a number of Libyan families and individuals filed lawsuits in US courts against the commander of the aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar and his sons, on many charges, as a citizen of US citizenship.

6 Libyan families have filed a lawsuit with the Federal Court in Washington, DC, against Haftar and the UAE, on charges of committing war crimes, and violating human rights. The lawsuit that is currently filed before the Virginia court, is the third lawsuit filed against Haftar, after two lawsuits against him in the United States and Britain.

American courts have begun in Virginia, in which an American citizen of Libyan origin, Aida Zghalali, has filed a case against Haftar, on charges of war crimes and other humanitarian crimes, such as torture, kidnapping and arbitrary assassinations.

The court began with a number of charges that were brought before the court by Zghalali’s lawyer, in which he stated that his client had been tortured at the hands of Haftar’s militias, she also holds US citizenship, calling on the court judge to try him as a war criminal.

The case is being followed by a team made up of lawyers assigned by the Libyan American Alliance in the American capital, Washington, whose president, Issam Omeish, confirmed that Haftar has a great past in war crimes and human crimes, that will lead him to the prison, and he will not have a place in the future of Libya.

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