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LAGA: The Commission Has Become A Party In The Political Conflict By Accepting The Referendum Law

A member of the constituent assembly for the drafting of the Constitution Mohammed Lagha, on Saturday, said that with the Commission’s acceptance of the referendum law it became a third party in the dispute between the House of Representatives (HOR) and the Highest State.

He added that the Commission is supposed to abide by the provisions of the political agreement that the law should be approved by the two houses in accordance with Article 23 of the Constitutional Declaration, pointing out that the Commission’s election to the Constitution by this law will be a waste of money and time, as he put it.

He pointed out that the referendum law will not pass, and will be subjected to appeals that will not end only with the issuance of the final ruling of the Supreme Court, pointing out that some may file lawsuits in courts other than the Constitutional Chamber, and according to the gradation between the appeal and the counter-stabbing, this will take years to enter the spiral..

Lagha said that talk about the constitutional process should be avoided under the current political division, and that anything contrary to the constitutional declaration will be subjected to appeals.

Lagha said it would be better to avoid talking about the constitution unless the institutions are united by elections or a new political agreement that results in a strong government capable of uniting its sovereign institutions and protecting its constitution is made.

A constitutional member warned of violation of the Constitution, indicating that any violation of the Constitution will nullifyit, and calls for the formation of a new committee, expressing surprise at the issuance of a referendum law outside Article 23, which states that the referendum law must be carried out by two committees of parliament and the highest state.

The Supreme Council of the State expressed, last Thursday in a statement, its surprise by the acceptance of the law of the referendum on the constitution, although it is still in circulation.

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