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Ján Kubiš, UN Special Envoy for Libya attends the Legal Committee of the Libyan Politicial Dialogue Forum. 4 February 2021. UN Photo by Violaine Martin

Kubis: The UN mission supports all solutions that lead to elections next December.


The head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Jan Kubis, said that the UN mission fully supports all solutions that lead to the national elections on December 24, which will help Libya to move forward towards a better future.

“Kubis” added – during the meeting of the legal committee emanating from the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum – Friday, that the mission will work with all state institutions in order to reach the elections, ensure that all the elements required to conduct them are available, and work with the Government of National Unity to provide the necessary support to the High National Elections Commission to implement The electoral process.

In his speech, directed to the members of the committee the UN envoy said that this work came as a result of intense discussions, and they sometimes had to overcome severe divisions, appealing to them to identify the most coherent and compatible way to unify their discussions and submit a report to the forum that collects points of agreement between them and sheds light on the outstanding issues.

The head of the mission concluded his speech that the electoral process will enable the Libyan people to choose their representatives and restore the democratic legitimacy of their institutions, with the participation of all components of women before men, the youth, the elderly and all cultural components, including the displaced – as he said.

On the occasion of the success of Souq Aljumaa municipal elections, the UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, said that the successful municipal democratic elections are a clear indication of the interest of Libyans in choosing the leaders who represent them and determining their fate in the December elections.

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