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Karmous: Al Sisi’s statements to cover his loss in the Al Nahda Dam.

Member of the Supreme Council of State Adel Karmous said on Sunday that Sisi’s latest statements came to cover his loss in the Al Nahda Dam negotiations with Ethiopia and redirected his attention to Libya; In order to camouflage his main problem.

In his statement to the Arraed, Karmous called for this escalation of the Egyptian presidency to stop only with these statements, and not to develop into public interference; Because the intervention already exists with Emirati funds, otherwise the situation will be disastrous for the region, and it will be against international legitimacy.

Karmus explained that the government should count on the wise men in the Egyptian army in order not to slip into this slide, and not to pay attention to the statements of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as they are the first to abandon Egypt as they abandoned Iraq before.

It is worth noting that Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi said Saturday that they are ready to intervene directly in Libya, announcing the cities of Sirte and Al-Jufra a red line for his forces.

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