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Justice and Constructive Party Condemn Of Bodies Found in Benghazi as War Crime.

The Justice and Constructive Party expressed its condemnation and rejection of the dozens of bodies in the Abayar area east of Benghazi, which they declared as war crimes, in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, international humanitarian law and the principles of human rights.


In a statement on Friday, the Justice and Constructive party demanded that the Presidential Council take urgent measures to open official investigations into these violations and punish those who executed them, calling on him to activate and support the Interior Ministry in Benghazi to control security in the city.


The party expressed its surprise at the silence of the international community regarding the recurrence of these crimes, calling on local human rights organizations to document all violations of human rights, according to the statement.


The party stressed in its statement the need for independent investigations by international human rights organizations with the participation of international experts and the United Nations in order identify the bodies, clarify the circumstances of the crime and prosecute the perpetrators and their leaders, according to the text of the statement.


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