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Justice and Construction Party: mass graves are crimes that violate laws, and confirm the ugliness of the military project.

The Justice and Construction Party deplored the horrific scenes of mass graves in Tarhuna and other areas that were controlled by the “war criminal Haftar” militias, considering them atrocious criminal acts that violate humanitarian laws and ethics.

In a statement on its official page on Friday, the party affirmed that extrajudicial killings, torture and execution of innocent civilians, including children and elderly people, and throwing them in potholes, containers and refrigerators in inhumane ways – only confirm the ugliness of the military project based on tyranny, oppression and human rights violations.

The party added that these acts show the scale of criminality and brutality with which the militias, whose leaders and supporters have long falsely claimed to be regular forces, came to spread security and safety.

The party called on the competent local and international organizations and bodies to document these crimes, and expedite the disclosure of the identity of the victims, calling on the Presidential Council to take measures to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable and pursue them at home and abroad, and obtain justice for their bereaved relatives who lost of their children in a treacherous way, according to him.

The justice and construction denounced ,the positions of the countries that were and still support Haftar and that were involved in all these crimes, expressing his surprise at the positions of some countries and parties that are still trying to market him as a partner in the processes of dialogue and peace, stressing the non-acceptance of a partnership with who invented wars, killed thousands of lives and committed crimes.

The party addressed the people of the eastern region and all over the countries who Haftar, his media, and his supporters deceived, and they imagined safety and construction in him, and he called on them to reflect on his path full of destruction, ruin, killing, and criminality, giving priority to the voice of conscience and reason, rising up against the “criminal” and choosing who represents them to share with the rest of the nation in harmony on what gets the country out of its crisis and moves it to stability.

It is worth noting that the Libyan army forces found more than 8 mass graves in Qasr bin Ghashir and the Souq Alkhamis Msaihil, and Tarhuna, which were controlled by the militias of Haftar, including the bodies of children and women, and more than 100 bodies in Tarhuna Hospital.

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