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Italy Needs Three Weeks To Setup Field Hospitals In Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


Plans to set up a field hospital in Libya to take care of injured soldiers coming in from the battle against ISIS in Sirte could be implemented in three weeks, said Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti.

Pinotti said the hospital, which was requested by the Libyan unity Government (GNA), will be fully operational within three weeks if the setup process goes according to plan.

The GNA made the request to Italian Premier Matteo Renzi in a letter early August. In response, the Italian government sent two exploratory missions to evaluate the situation and figure out what the hospital will need.

The hospital will be supplied with 50 beds, have its own surgical team, and it will be staffed with 65 doctors and nurses, 135 support personnel and 100 paratroopers to ensure the protection of the field hospital twenty-four seven.

A plane will be stationed nearby in case an emergency evacuation arises, and there will also be a ship stationed offshore that will be prepared to offer additional security.

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